Prithipura Communities

Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Prithipura Communities is a non-profit organisation, operating from four centres in Sri Lanka to support 240 infants, children and young adults with disabilities. Prithipura Communities helps the disabled to achieve a better quality of life through specialist care, education, vocational training and work opportunities. 435. Prithipura Communities Project - Map

A team of specialist volunteers support the local staff at Prithipura with the daily care and therapy routines. Skilled in physiotherapy and occupational therapy, they provide their skills to the children and adults they work with, and also share their knowledge and train local staff.

Since 2018 the Emirates Airline Foundation finances some of the operating expenses at Prithipura Communities, including the electricity costs at their centres.

“We are grateful for the support of the Emirates Airline Foundation, helping us to achieve our goal of promoting the development and independence of the children and young adults in our care,” said Katherine de Kretser, Funding and Development Coordinator.

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