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Visionary care in Uganda

Vision Care, an organisation dedicated to the prevention of blindness globally, recently held an eye care mission in Fort Portal, Uganda that was hosted by Outreach to Africa (OTA). Volunteering doctors Dr. Clyde Slavin and Dr. Joe Neron travelled with Emirates from the US to Entebbe, Uganda thanks to Skywards Miles donated to the Emirates Airline Foundation. The doctors brought with them donations of reading glasses and magnifiers.

While in Uganda for the nine-day mission, the team screened over 1,000 patients and dispensed 1,200 pairs of glasses and magnifiers. The team donated machines which OTA’s Medical Centre can use to establish a future vision care department at their clinic.

The doctors examined and delivered glasses to homeless children and refugees at a slum in Mengo near Kampala. At an orphanage and vocational training centre in Masulita, they provided exams, magnifiers and glasses for children and some of the local adults. At many stops, they provided reading glasses and magnifiers to adults and children with cataracts. Sometimes they had to improvise – for a three-year old girl with signs of albinism and beautiful blue eyes, they created sunglasses from a small eyeglass frame and parts of another sunglass.

As always, the team visited the school at the Emirates Airline Foundation Campus, Geme, which is 7kms west of Fort Portal. Here they examined the students, employees and the people in the community.

Dr. Clyde Slavin said: “As was the case in previous trips, the most remarkable things were the friendliness of the Ugandan people, and how much they appreciated our assistance. We thank Emirates Airline Foundation and all those who donated in support of our mission.”

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