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Sports excellence at the Emirates-CHES Home

Children from the Emirates-CHES home

Children from the Emirates-CHES home won big at the latest National Sports Meet held in Noida, India, with 8 students from CHES participating in the competition. This is the first time children from the Emirates Airline Foundation-funded CHES home have taken part in this meet, organised by the HCL Foundation, and aimed at encouraging sports skills and nurturing the talent of young students from government schools and several NGO-operated institutions.

The student athletes from CHES travelled by train to New Delhi to attend the meet, and competed in events including track and field, football, volleyball, kabaddi and chess among others.

"The competition was an excellent opportunity for the children to prove their talents and experience the country's capital," said Dr. P. Manorama, who founded CHES and serves as its President and Project Director.

"The day of the competition started early for all of us, even in Chennai. The children left for the Noida stadium at 7:00am and the whole day became a gripping situation for all of us. Every 15 minutes calls were made from Chennai to Delhi giving us the latest score updates. The first victory news reached us at 12 noon and soon came the great news that our boys did it! A 2-0 set and won the champion trophy."

The day of the competition started

In the afternoon there was more celebration during the track events, where one of the boys from CHES won the gold medal in the 200m race, and the CHES team won the silver medal in the boys’ relay race.

celebration during the track events

A lot of preparation effort went in to help get ready, and CHES management even organised a sports mind coach to train the children to achieve what they planned and practiced. The children also underwent a preliminary medical screening arranged by the meet to ensure their fitness.

CHES is a children's home serving over 100 HIV positive children. CHES also provides schooling, medical care and extracurricular activities - all with the aim of providing opportunities and a normal life to children who otherwise would otherwise have very little hope.

The home and school was started in 1994 by Dr. P. Manorama, and in 2007 became a project of the Emirates Airline Foundation. The foundation sponsored the building of primary facilities in 2009 – 2010. This included dormitories, classrooms, a kitchen and dining facility and a recreation center. A two-year building project, completed in 2016, added new buildings and facilities at CHES, including a counselling centre, girl's dormitory, administration office, children's gym and a swimming pool.

The Emirates-CHES home is supported through donations to the Emirates Airline Foundation. Learn more about the Emirates-CHES project, and ways to donate.

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