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Rotaplast transforms 126 lives in Chittagong

People with deformities can feel defeated. Cleft lips and palates, burns and scars rob children and adults, especially in poorer communities, of the opportunity to live a full life. US-based Rotaplast understands that and is committed to helping such children and families worldwide.

Their dedicated teams work long hours with local professionals and seek support from organisations like the Emirates Airline Foundation. Rotaplast sends multidisciplinary medical teams to provide free reconstructive surgery, ancillary treatment, and training for the holistic care of these children.

Thanks to donated Skywards Miles, 27 team members – 14 medical volunteers, including surgeons, anaesthesiologists and paediatricians, and 13 non-medical support volunteers travelled from San Francisco and other cities to Chittagong, Bangladesh with 36 large boxes of medical supplies.

During this ninth consecutive trip to Chittagong, Rotaplast helped 126 patients with 91 burn, hand and facial surgeries. Since 2011, they have seen 735 patients for life-changing surgeries.

Michelle Benedict, a volunteer with Rotaplast said: “It’s a long journey from the US to Bangladesh, and we woke up early every day to receive dozens of ill and injured people, and spent the whole day attending to their needs. This is some of the most meaningful work of our lives. We’re grateful to the Emirates Airline Foundation and to Emirates customers for their support on this important mission.”

Wally Chang, Surgeon, with more than 19 Rotaplast missions under his belt said: “The people we help can’t ordinarily afford these services, so this is usually their only chance for surgery. The deformities they have affect a person’s life severely, some cannot even speak or be understood. It is very important to give back, and the camaraderie I feel working alongside others with this common goal is very rewarding.”

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