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Outreach to Africa building update: The Emirates Airline Foundation Academy

The building of the Emirates Airline Foundation Academy at Outreach to Africa’s Paul Devlin school is well underway. Commenced in February 2014, the project will see the arrival of a brand new, fully-equipped school that will serve more than 300 students. The new school is set to open in early 2016. This project is funded by a major investment by the Emirates Airline Foundation, and represents one of the most significant charitable investments for children ever made in this region.

The new academy is in Geme Village, a remote town outside of Fort Portal, located in western Uganda. The project is being carried out by the NGO Outreach to Africa (OTA), a partner of the Emirates Airline Foundation for the past five years.

The building works sponsored by the Emirates Airline Foundation include the construction of a guard station and gated fence around the perimeter of the eight-acre campus. Four new dormitories are to accommodate 240 boarding students, including two boys’ dorms and two girls’ dorms, each equipped with bathroom and shower facilities.

A new dining hall and kitchen is on the way to accommodate resident and day students, as well as an infirmary, power and utility facilities, a library and media room, sports fields and staff housing. The foundation is also supporting the costs of furniture and some staff costs.

The pictures below show the new buildings in progress.

Exterior and interior view of the new boys’ dormitory

Outreach to Africa building updateOutreach to Africa building update

Exterior and interview view of the new girls’ dormitory

Outreach to Africa building updateOutreach to Africa building update

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