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MEET: Health teaching mission to Can Tho, Vietnam

MEET is an organisation that supports international health teaching collaborations. They carry out surgery trips and teach local professionals in specific skills - such as paediatric surgery and anaesthetic techniques - whilst providing corrective surgery for underprivileged children in the region of the local hospital. The Emirates Airline Foundation has worked with MEET over the years, sponsoring previous missions to Vietnam.

Their latest mission carried out in Can Tho worked with a team from Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy (CTUMP). CTUMP aspires to establish paediatric surgical services to better serve their local population. MEET is assisting CTUMP in this endeavour and the Emirates Airline Foundation participated by funding air travel for 36 of MEET’s medical volunteers, travelling to Vietnam from the US and UK.

Their mission took place over seven days, and achieved screening for 162 children. The team performed 54 surgeries, the most common of which were for cleft palate, hypospadias and congenital upper and lower limb deformities.

MEET: Health teaching mission to Can Tho, Vietnam

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