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Little Prince Nursery and Primary School: support for meals programme helps keep kids in school

Dear Emirates Airline Foundation,

Thank you for your continued support of the Little Prince Nursery and Primary School's feeding programme. The meals service we provide at our school is so important, because without it many of our students would go hungry.

Little Prince Nursery and Primary School

The Little Prince Nursery and Primary School started in the year 2000 when an NGO called International Service Volunteers Association, which works in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, decided to support the building of a primary school. In 2004 the NGO purchased the land where the school is currently situated, and the school was constructed with donor support and completed in March 2005.

The school has eight classrooms, a kitchen, dining hall, a theatre, a nursery school section and administrative offices. Today it serves 358 children, some of whom are orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) from the Kibera slum. The children who join the school are proposed by NGO affiliates who are in contact with the poorest areas in the slums.

Still, we face many challenges, and one of them is feeding our students so that they can be healthy, and so that they can concentrate and learn. Your support is helping us overcome that. Through our feeding programme we are able to offer students nutritionally-balanced meals in portions adequate for growing children, many of whom perform physically-demanding chores, or walk long distances to school, creating a great need for energy.

Little Prince Nursery and Primary School

The school meal programme also helps keep student attendance up, because with meals provided, it is no longer the case that students have to miss school because they are required to go out and beg for food. Sometimes a student has to go out and beg for food to feed a sibling or family member back at home. Now the school knows who these students are, and reserves some food from the programme for these students to take home, so that they don’t have to miss their classes.

The generous support of Emirates customers makes it possible for an institution like ours exist, and make the community a better place to live. These donations are incredibly helpful, and have improved school attendance in our community. We remain grateful for your working with us.


Anthony Maina
School Principal
Little Prince Nursey and Primary School

Little Prince Nursery and Primary School

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