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The Emirates Airline Foundation sponsored the latest mission of the Lifeline Express hospital train, which saw a record-breaking 5,600 patients in Nandurbar, India. Nandurbar is a primarily tribal district in the northwest corner (Khandesh Region) of Maharashtra state in India.

The Lifeline Express is a project in cooperation with Indian Railways and Impact India Foundation. A long-time sponsor of the Lifeline Express, the Emirates Airline Foundation has sponsored several of their missions over the years including a mission to Sagara which treated over 5,300 patients, and a mission to Wadi Railway station in Karnataka which reached over 4,000 people.

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The Lifeline Express team and the District Administration coordinated all the planning and management activities, while the medical specialists, nursing staff and volunteers for the mission came from Mahatma Phuley College Of Social Studies and Social Work in Nandurbar.

The Lifeline Express Nandurbar camp was set up with two key areas, an entry point at the District Civil Hospital and the Lifeline Express Train itself, which was used for the surgeries. Patients would arrive for initial screening at the district hospital. Then, those patients requiring surgery would be transferred onto the train for their operations. Then post-surgery, they would recover back in the hospital.

In seeing a total of 5,600 patients, the mission provided over 700 surgeries and more than 4,300 medical consultations and medicine distributions. Appliances and medical aids were fitted and distributed to 370 patients and cancer diagnostics were provided to 200 patients.

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Here are just a few of the stories of the patients who benefited from the mission:

Gopibai, age 60

Gopibai was suffering from a matured cataract in her right eye. She had almost completely lost her vision. She did not understand her problem, nor did she or her family have the money for consultations with doctors. She was very happy to know about the Lifeline train which provides vision care for people in need. She jumped at the opportunity have help for her problem when she received pamphlets about the train through a social worker.

Upon recovery from her cataract surgery with Lifeline Express, through tears, she expressed her thanks and happiness that her vision was fully restored.

Bhusan, age 18
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Bhusan was a patient who received treatment for running ear. He received an LE Mastoidectomy procedure to treat his problem. The patient made a full recovery, and his family expressed their gratitude to the team at Lifeline over and over again.

Sanjana, age 10 months

Sanjana was born with cleft lip. Her father was looking for her treatment. For this problem they visited their local primary health centre where they came to know about the Lifeline Express. Sanjana had surgery to repair her cleft lip on board the Lifeline Express. Having this surgery gives Sanjana a normal smile and a much brighter future.

Gayatri, age 8

Gayatri suffered from polio, and was unable to walk properly. During the mission she was admitted for limb lengthening surgery on the Lifeline Express to help her gain mobility. With physical therapy she will soon be walking normally. Her parents are now hopeful and sure that she may be able to walk properly after a few months of recovery. This means Gayatri will soon be able to play with her peers like a normal child.

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