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HumaniTerra steps up surgical support for refugees

Since the start of 2019, French NGO HumaniTerra has delivered surgical care for 1,348 people in need with 68 volunteer medical professionals serving in Bangladesh and Jordan. Travel for HumaniTerra missions is sponsored by Skywards Miles donated to the Emirates Airline Foundation.

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

With an estimated 900,000 people, the Rohingya refugee camp is considered one of the biggest in the world. Here, HumaniTerra has installed an operating theatre (OT) for antenatal and post-natal care, and for C-section procedures, saving the lives of mothers and newborns every day. They also support a second OT for all complicated emergency referrals and elective surgery in Ramu Hospital, located between the camps and the city. Surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, paediatricians, midwives, psychologists and humanitarian managers have all been contributing to this project. This year, HumaniTerra surgical teams have screened 1,340 patients and operated on over 700 patients at their field hospital.

Emirates Friendship Hospital, Bangladesh

Every year, HumaniTerra surgical teams volunteer on the hospital ship Emirates Friendship Hospital that operates on the River Brahmaputra and provides medical care to isolated communities affected by annual flooding. Over the last 10 years, HumaniTerra has contributed to improving the OT, surgical operations and training given to Friendship medical professionals.

Today, the Emirates Friendship Hospital is recognised as one of the most successful medical operations for poor isolated populations, giving people access to life-saving surgery. In 2019 alone, HumaniTerra volunteers have screened more than 300 patients and performed over 200 surgical procedures on board the hospital ship.


With over 700,000 refugees, Jordan continues to be one of the most affected by the Syrian crisis. Because surgery is one of the most expensive forms of medical care, thousands of vulnerable patients simply don't have access to it.

In 2016, HumaniTerra established a mission in Amman, Jordan, to increase refugees’ access to surgical procedures. Since then, HumaniTerra surgical teams have performed consultations for 1,410 children of which 635 received surgical care.

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